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Acronyms and Definitions


Analogue Telephone Adapter . These devices allow you to use standard telephones for VoIP. It is basically a translater between what comes out of your analogue telephone and the digital voice over IP network. See our VoIP hardware section for more information.


Comfort Noise Generation . Many VoIP devices offer silence suppression - where rather than using bandwidth to transmit silence, a message is transmitted saying there is no sound. The device at the other end then uses comfort noise generation to create background noise (since when one talks on the phone, and it is silent at the other end, it is generally not absolutely quiet, there is some background noice). Thus, CNG is an attempt to make the silence seem more natural.


Direct Inward Dialling (also referred to as a 'virtual number'). This is a normal phone number on the PSTN (which can be anywhere in the world) that can be called by any phone worldwide, and forwards the call to your VoIP phone. Many VoIP service providers offer direct inward dialling as part of their service, or as an add-on. There are also third party companies that offer direct inward dialling, and will forward the call to your VoIP account no matter which service provider you are with.